Adolescent Sexual Behavior Treatment Programs

Empowering boys and young men to break free from harmful patterns

We tackle problematic sexual behaviors with therapeutic solutions

Problematic sexual behaviors often stem from complex underlying issues such as trauma, abuse, or emotional disturbances. These issues can disrupt the lives of boys, hindering their personal growth and increasing the risk of future harm.

Pegasus Schools, Inc. provides a comprehensive approach to treating sexually maladaptive behaviors. We employ cognitive behavioral techniques, psychoeducational treatment models, and experiential learning opportunities to address sexual behavioral problems in boys aged 10 to 17. Our ultimate goal is to break the cycle of abuse and stop sexual offenses through victim empathy, understanding the impact of harmful behavior, and accepting responsibility.

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Pegasus treatment for boys ages 10–17 with sexual behavior problems

Our comprehensive therapeutic approach, grounded in a cognitive behavioral framework, is tailored to stop the sexually abusive, criminal, or harmful behaviors exhibited by adolescent boys aged 10 to 17. Pegasus Schools, Inc.’s adolescent sexual behavior treatment programs include:

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This residential treatment program provides a similar therapeutic approach as our adolescent program, but it comes with age-appropriate interventions tailored specifically for the developmental needs of younger children aged 10 to 13. Our boys residential treatment for sexual behavior features:

What to expect from the Pegasus Schools, Inc. adolescent sexual behavior treatment programs?

Specialized therapeutic approach

Pegasus Schools, Inc. leverages evidence-based practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy and experiential wilderness programs to address the complex underlying issues associated with problematic sexual behavior.

Qualified and licensed providers

Our programs are led by licensed providers, including LSOTPs, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors, and therapists certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Varied treatment modalities

Our treatment process is personalized to each boy and adolescent exhibiting inappropriate sexual behaviors. Pegasus Schools, Inc. offers individual, group, and family therapy to better communicate, understand, and address the underlying factors contributing to their behavior.

Developmentally appropriate curriculum

Boys are taught to recognize problematic sexual behaviors and poor sexual boundaries as well as learn about asking for consent and managing respectful relationships at different age groups.

Family involvement

Our adolescent sexual behavior treatment programs involve family therapy sessions and education to promote understanding, communication, and healing within the family unit.

Supportive environment

We provide a nurturing and supportive environment that is essential for fostering healing and growth. From our housing to classroom facilities, residents can feel safe to engage in the therapeutic process without judgment or fear.

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Pegasus Schools, Inc. is proud to announce that as of September 17, 2019, we are now nationally accredited through the Council on Accreditation! We were able to achieve this distinction through the hard work and dedication of all of our employees and placing entities, as well as our commitment to “Takin’ Care of Texas’ Kids” for the past 30 years! Pegasus Schools, Inc. looks forward to many more years of helping the youth in need of our services!