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 Our on-campus Trinity Charter School provides and fulfills our educational needs from third grade through high school graduation.





WELLNESS Pegasus Schools, Inc. shall follow nutrition guidelines that foster student health, reduce childhood obesity, and promote the overall wellness of residents through nutrition education, physical activity, and the experiential program.

NUTRITION GUIDELINES Pegasus Schools, Inc. shall insure that reimbursable school meals are served in accordance with Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and Texas Juvenile Justice Department nutrition guidelines.

NUTRITION EDUCATION Pegasus Schools, Inc., in conjunction with Trinity Charter School, shall emphasize the importance of proper nutrition by including nutrition education in its physical education curriculum, experiential program, and cafeteria facility.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Pegasus Schools, Inc., in conjunction with Trinity Charter School, shall offer physical education with physical activity components and offer at least the required amount of physical activity for all grades.

GOALS Pegasus Schools, Inc. establishes the following goals:

Maintain an environment conducive to healthful eating. Sufficient time will be allowed for students to eat meals in a cafeteria facility that is clean, safe, and comfortable.

Express a consistent wellness message through nutrition education, physical education, physically based recreation activities, and participation in the experiential program.

IMPLEMENTATION The Nutrition Program Director shall oversee the implementation of the Local Wellness Policy and shall develop administrative procedures for periodically assessing and measuring implementation of said policy. Below are copies of the Local Wellness Policy review and approval that took place at our most recent Board of Directors Meeting as well as our newest Wellness Policy Assessment.

Local Wellness Policy Board Meeting

Wellness Policy Assessment


DATE ISSUED: January 29, 2021