History of Pegasus Schools, Inc.

Pegasus School, founded by Robert Ellis near Lockhart, Texas, began operation as a 15-bed residential treatment center on November 17, 1990. Having suffered abuse himself as a child, Mr. Ellis began Pegasus School as a way to help troubled children receive the care, counseling and education necessary to put their lives back together.

Pegasus began with no major endowments, financial backing, or assets other than a dogged determination to make a difference in the lives of as many children as possible. Under the leadership of Founder Robert Ellis,  Chief Executive Officer Chris Moody, Assistant CEO Nick Sedlachek, Administrators Eric DeHoyos and Roberto Fernandez, and Program and Placement Director Keith Bradbury, Pegasus Schools, Inc. has grown to a population of 200 boys. Pegasus has evolved and changed as needs of the placement entities and children have changed. The first facility, called Pegasus School, opened in 1990. Camp Pegasus was established in 1992, Camp Comanche in 1996 and Phoenix in 1999. In July 2001, all campuses were consolidated into one facility named Camp Comanche, increasing the capacity to 120. In January 2005 all campuses were consolidated becoming a residential treatment center, and increasing the number of residents to 175.  In 2014, Pegasus continued it’s evolution and increased our licensed capacity to 200 residents.

Pegasus Schools. Inc. continues to grow and anticipate further changes as the needs of the children change in coming years.