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Residential Treatment Center for Boys in Texas

"Takin' Care of Texas' Kids"

Admissions at Pegasus Schools, Inc.

Pegasus Schools, Inc. upholds a commitment to inclusivity, welcoming individuals without discrimination based on race, religion, color, sexual preference, or national origin. Parents, guardians, potential placing entities, and social workers are invited to reach out to our admissions team for personalized assistance. Pegasus Schools, Inc. accepts nationwide referrals for placement in our sexual behavior treatment program.

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Pegasus Schools, Inc. provides a path to healing and growth

Childhood abuse leaves indelible marks, shaping the lives of those who have experienced it in ways that extend far beyond the immediate trauma. The effects of abuse can manifest in various forms, impacting emotional well-being, interpersonal relationships, and overall self-esteem. The road to healing is not linear, and each child has a unique challenge that requires an individualized and empathetic approach.

Pegasus Schools, Inc. is a residential treatment center in Texas dedicated to breaking the vicious cycle of child abuse and providing intervention for abused, neglected, emotionally disturbed, and adjudicated boys aged 10 to 17. We understand that the path to healing and growth demands careful attention, not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our specialized programs, compassionate staff, and vibrant facilities create a safe environment where boys can rebuild their lives.

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Why choose Pegasus Schools, Inc.?

Discover the compelling reasons why Pegasus Schools, Inc. stands out above all other youth residential treatment centers in Texas.

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Comprehensive Approach

Our comprehensive programs not only address immediate challenges but also delve into the root causes, offering a holistic and personalized approach to each boy's challenges and goals.

Experienced Team

Pegasus Schools, Inc. is led by a licensed care administrator and a team of therapists, case managers, and medical coordinators, each with decades of childcare experience and professional certifications. 

Safe and Nurturing Environment

Our facilities provide a supportive backdrop for transformation, offering a range of recreational, educational, and therapeutic spaces that contribute to the healing process.

Proven Success

Pegasus Schools, Inc. has a track record of breaking the cycle of abuse, helping boys reintegrate into society successfully, and building a foundation for lasting change.

Check out our state-of-the-art facilities

Nestled on 105 wooded acres, Pegasus Schools, Inc. is a fully equipped adolescent residential treatment center that provides an enriching environment. Our facilities are instrumental in fostering personal growth, healing, and the development of life skills.

Pegasus Schools, Inc.’s facilities include:

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Pegasus Schools, Inc. is proud to announce that as of September 17, 2019, we are now nationally accredited through the Council on Accreditation! We were able to achieve this distinction through the hard work and dedication of all of our employees and placing entities, as well as our commitment to “Takin’ Care of Texas’ Kids” for the past 30 years! Pegasus Schools, Inc. looks forward to many more years of helping the youth in need of our services!