Pegasus Treatment Program for Adolescents With Sexual Behavior Problems

The overall goal of the Pegasus Program is to break the cycle of sexual abuse; stop the sexually abusive and other criminal or harmful behavior exhibited by the residents, ultimately resulting in no subsequent sexual offenses.

The therapeutic approach is a cognitive behavioral framework including providers with specialized training and licensure to provide sexual behavior problem specific treatment.

The goals of treatment include victim empathy, accepting responsibility, comprehension of offense cycle, comprehension of laws and statutes, and development of effective coping skills focusing on high risk situations.

Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Providers (L.S.O.T.P.) conduct intensive regular group therapy which has proven historically to be the single most effective avenue to true positive change in the sexualized behavior population.

Individual therapy is provided as needed as well as family therapy sessions.

Pegasus Also Offers a Specialized Young Offender Program for Boys Ages 10-13

This specialized program includes developmentally appropriate curriculum, self contained housing, a self contained educational environment in our on campus charter school, a therapeutic experiential wilderness program and being members of Explorer Post 177.

Treatment provided by: Board Certified Art Therapist, Licensed Sex Offender Treatment Providers, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors, and therapists certified in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Pegasus Lakota Program for Boys Ages 10-14

The Lakota program is a program that will specialize in providing treatment for 10-14 year old males who present the need for the following types of mental health services:

After they have been assessed using the “Child and Adolescent Functional Assessment Scale” (CAFAS), aspects of treatment will be added as needs are identified. If Conduct, Aggression or Anger are identified, the child will begin working in “Aggression Replacement Therapy” (ART). If substance use is identified, the child will attend CD groups. If Trauma needs surfaced those needs will be met through EMDR or Biofeedback techniques on an individual basis with their counselor or our Certified Trauma Specialist.

To report any suspected abuse or neglect, call the DFPS Hotline at 1-800-252-5400. Any criminal investigations of alleged sexual abuse occurring at Pegasus Schools, Inc. will be investigated by the Caldwell County Sheriff’s Department, which can be contacted at (512) 398-6777. Pegasus adheres to the following PREA zero tolerance policy:

Pegasus Schools, Inc. promotes a safe environment for residents to live in to receive treatment and therapy for their presenting behaviors and/or charges. Pegasus Schools, Inc. has a zero tolerance policy in regards to any type of sexual abuse, harassment, or misconduct, and will react accordingly if any issues of this type of behavior are brought to our attention. Although we do have a grievance policy at Pegasus which residents can utilize to address issues such as this, there are also posters posted throughout the facility with a phone number on it that they can call in order to report any instances of sexual abuse, harassment, or misconduct. Pegasus Schools, Inc. will take immediate action in the event that someone has violated this zero tolerance policy in any capacity.