Our ROPES Course is now complete and in use! We are so excited to be offering these activities on campus to our residents and staff to further build trust, teamwork, and self-esteem! These elements are a perfect compliment to our climbing tower and zip line! Below is are pictures of some of the kids involved in the activities followed by a list of the activities that we are going to be able to provide:

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1.Cable Traverse

Challenge and Objective

Two participants step up onto the cable, one from

each end. Using their ropes for balance, they
approach each other. When they meet in the center,
they can grasp hands and support each other as they
pass, exchange ropes, and continue to the opposite
end of the cable.

2. Drop Zone Challenge and Objective

One at a time, all members of a group swing over a
chasm and land in an unoccupied, designated zone
on the other side. If anyone misses a zone or lands in
an occupied zone, the entire group must start over.
The group works as a team to complete this event.

Variation- Nitro crossing

Challenge and Objective
An entire group must cross a “ravine,” carrying with
them a container of “nitro” fluid. Group members
may not touch the ground or spill any of the nitro.

3. Porthole

Challenge and Objective

The group must get everyone through a
suspended tire.

4. Spiderweb

Challenge and Objective

Participants must pass all group members through
the “spiderweb.”

5. Triangle Traverse

Challenge and Objective

Participants mount the triangle traverse at the
corners, using trees, poles, or overhead ropes for
support. Each participant walks as far as possible
along the three cables that form the triangle, at the
same time helping balance a teammate traversing
the cables from the opposite direction.

6. Balance Beam

Challenge and Objective

Participants cross a beam secured between two
poles or trees.

7. Cargo Net

Challenge and Objective

Climb to the top of a cargo net and then be lowered
to the ground by a belayer.

8. Caving Ladder

Challenge and Objective

One person at a time, climb to the top of a caving
ladder, or climb down from a previous high course event.

9. Confidence Pole

Challenge and Objective

Using a rope, a ladder, or pegs, climb as high as
possible up a confidence pole, then jump from the
pole and slap a hanging rope.

10. Gap Step

Challenge and Objective

Step across a 4-foot gap from one elevated platform
to another.

11. Giant’s Ladder

Challenge and Objective

Two participants work together to climb to the top of
the ladder.

12. Multi-vine Traverse

Challenge and Objective

Climb a ladder or other device to a cable. Use a
series of hanging rope “vines” to traverse the cable
to a platform.

13. Zip Line

Challenge and Objective

Slide down the zip line from the high end to the low end.
Depending on the system design, either gravity or a
braking system (bungee brake, zip stop, etc.) will slow
the participant at the end of the event, and a static
belay system will protect participants as they slide.